33 Hilarious Stoned Text Messages


Funny Stoned Text Messages, Ranked from Best to Worst


  1. Posted by tuckrebe737, — Reply

    this is stupid. the person trying to talk is talking to him but he thinks that the other person dropped his phone but he didn't if they are talking to each other

  2. Posted by Ashly5238, — Reply

    Feels like the dude said that on purpose to show how stupid this Dude is 😂

  3. Posted by msonakshi, — Reply

    The person dropped his phone then how is he/she talking to the other one ??

  4. Posted by chicanoclast, — Reply

    I would fall for this...it took me awhile to figure it out🤓

  5. Posted by xmenkitty44, — Reply

    I would do this to my friend she's not the smartest person

  6. Posted by PennywiseFan101, — Reply

    They could have been texting from another device

  7. Posted by mmw12508, — Reply

    That does not work just tried now he mad

  8. Posted by imanistockbauer, — Reply

    That would be me I am so stupid 😂

  9. Posted by kira_aaaaa, — Reply

    You can text on an iPad too...?

  10. Posted by hatcha84, — Reply

    That makes it funny

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