Air Fryer Chicken Thighs - Super Crispy!



  1. Posted by chhhellss, — Reply

    I like my chicken extra crispy so I left it in for an extra 5 minutes. However, next time I’ll season chicken while it’s on a flat surface rather than in a bag or bowl. Some parts of the chicken was saltier than others. Other than that chicken was super moist. (Even after the extra time for crispier skin😉)

  2. Posted by Kksgal121212, — Reply

    Winner winner chicken dinner! I added different seasonings but the method was perfect! I let on extra 4 mins and it was perfect crispy mess!

  3. Posted by MzElizzy, — Reply

    This was excellent! For the rub, I used only 1/2 tsp of the smoked paprika and added 1/2 tsp of thyme, then substituted black pepper for the salt.

  4. Posted by lambvan7, — Reply

    🍗These turned out great. Left out oregano. Cooked at 375* Very moist/juicy. 8-2020

  5. Posted by balazsbertocci, — Reply

    To make it spicy, add Creoke Seasoning or Weber Kickin' Chicken.....yum..

  6. Posted by naykelly124, — Reply

    This recipe was delicious, extra crispy and juicy. Definitely a keeper!

  7. Posted by AndreaBr00ke, — Reply

    This recipe is soooo good!!!

  8. Posted by oliviaborks, — Reply

    what do I preheat it to

  9. Posted by dalimahm, — Reply

    Great recipe! Thanks

  10. Posted by dschaefer7, — Reply

    Love it

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